About Us

Progressica is a human capital analytics and performance development company

Our company helps the leaders of various organizations maximize their success through applications of cutting edge scientific methods and solutions. Our team has helped leaders develop high-performance teams and build their competitiveness globally.

Progressica supports companies in various countries based in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Singapore, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates and Malta. We have been helping SMEs, Mid-Market Enterprises, Multinational Corporations, and Government Institutions get the most out of their Human Capital since 2009.

Our Mission

We help professionals and organisations to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Become a catalyst for success.

Our Core Values


Progressica is committed to constantly testing the limits of what is currently possible to achieve long-term competitiveness. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our solutions, services and processes are continuously updated, so our clients keep maintaining their competitive advantage. Our organisation has and will continue to find the latest and greatest methods of helping professionals and organisations reach their full potential.


We are committed to upholding high moral standards, honesty and transparency with every colleague, partner and client. We strongly believe that our organisation will only succeed if we maintain high trust and credibility with our stakeholders. Therefore, our business model has been chosen to prioritise a long term mutually beneficial business relationship over short term gain.


We strive to deliver maximum value to all our clients by focusing only on those activities, actions and resources that deliver the greatest level of positive change. We have no interest in profiting from delivering abstract or generic ideas. Our solutions, services and pricing models have been carefully selected to ensure that our clients get the greatest possible return on investment as a reward for working with us.

What we do

Progressica Ltd. is a Talent Optimisation, Leadership development and Specialist Development company. We help ambitious organisations reach peak performance by maximising the potential of their most critical resource; their People using Data and Science.

Talent Optimisation Consulting

Leadership Development

Specialist Development

Management Workshops

Strategic Solutions Partners

Talent Optimisation

The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index is a software company based in Massachusetts, United States that is responsible for the Talent Optimization Platform, the PI Behavioral AssessmentTM, the PI Cognitive AssessmentTM, PI Job AssessmentTMand the PI Employee Experience Survey. The Predictive Index (formally known as PI Worldwide) was founded in Boston in 1955 by Arnold Daniels. The Predictive Index is used by over 9,000 companies around the world, with over 37.5 million assessments administered and over 383 studies on the scientific validity of its assessments.

Progressica Ltd has been a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index since 2016 and has facilitated Predictive Index Management Workshops and Consulting Services since 2009.

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Leadership Pipeline Institute Logo

Leadership and Specialist Development

The Leadership Pipeline Institute

The Leadership Pipeline Institute is the core source of the Leadership Pipeline concept and the Specialist Pipeline concept. Consultants affiliated with the Leadership Pipeline support organisations by strengthening their leadership pipeline, specialist pipeline, and designing their succession and talent planning process.

Progressica has facilitated several Leadership Pipeline Institute seminars for multinational Companies around the world.

Who we work with

Medium-Sized Businesses

We help medium-sized businesses implement Talent Optimisation Software and best practices for Hiring, Talent Development, Succession Planning, Team Building and Employee Engagement.

Mid-Market Enterprises

In addition to the services we offer for medium-sized companies we also help facilitate seminars to maximize the impact that Leaders and Critical Specialists have at every level of their respective stages.

Multinational Corporations

Our services and solutions have been implemented in Multinational Corporations in various time zones and continents. We have made sure that we work with partners that create software, curriculum and methodologies that can be adopted in any culture and is relevant anywhere in the world.

Many of our Multinational clients have been to our seminars and workshops a rite of passage for anybody involved in people management or involved in Hiring.

Government Institutions

Unsurprisingly, all the services and solutions are not only relevant for profit-making organisations. We are proud of the fact that we have been improving the efficiency of State-Owned Corporations and Government Agencies.

We truly hope that the awareness of the Impact that Talent Optimisation, the Leadership Pipeline Concept and the Specialist Pipeline Concept will result in more Governments Institutions joining our Clients in delivering more value to their citizens.

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