We offer highly reliable, scientifically validated and unbiased workforce assessments that can tremendously improve your organisation’s recruitment and selection process by helping to predict job performance.

What is the PI Cognitive Assessment?


The PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.

It is a general, 12-minute timed cognitive ability assessment that measures an individual’s capacity to learn quickly.

Assessment-takers are tasked with completing as many correct answers as possible to a set of 50 questions of varying difficulty that cover: Numerical, Abstract and Verbal abilities.

The assessment is available online in more than 75 languages.  The Predictive Index. LLC is the official publisher of the assessment.

Who are we?


Progressica Ltd is a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index LLC (USA). We currently work with small and large multinational organizations globally.

Schedule a free demonstration with us and a member of our team will show how  the PI cognitive assessment can tremendously improve your recruitment and selection process.

What is the PI Behavioural Assessment?

The PI Behavioural Assessment is a brief (5-7 minutes), untimed, free-choice (as opposed to forced-choice) assessment that presents respondents with a list of adjectives and asks them to identify which ones fit them and their current role.

It is a highly effective, yet simple, reliable and scientifically-validated assessment that measures core behavioural drives. Where these drives fall creates a behavioural pattern that provides a simple framework for understanding the workplace behaviours of your people.

The assessment is available in multiple formats (paper, online, mobile) in more than 70 languages. The Predictive Index. LLC is the official publisher of the assessment.

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This offer is only available to those who are investigating the use of PI within their organization. Candidates or Employees of existing PI clients who are interested in learning more about PI assessments should consult their potential or existing employer for more information.