PI Employee Experience Survey

What does PI Employee Experience Survey measure?

Employee engagement is measured by the PI Employee Experience Survey. It allows employees to submit honest and anonymous feedback in four different categories:

  1. Job
  2. Manager
  3. Team
  4. Organization

These categories decide whether or not your employees are engaged.

Four questions, in addition to the definite ones, relate to overall engagement. Say goodbye to guessing with the PI Employee Experience Survey, which provides concrete statistical insights into how engaged your employees are—and why.

Who should run an Experience Survey?

Any organization interested in understanding – in detail – the work experience of their team members and is committed to making that experience the best that it can be.

How to use PI Employee Experience Survey?

The Predictive Index offers areas of action for your company that are highly related to engagement and prioritizes them based on their variances from the overall score. Choosing one or two of the “Challenges” is a fantastic place to begin taking action with the ultimate goal of increasing engagement.

The PI Employee Experience Survey results are used to create tailored action plans. What good are engagement numbers if you don’t know how to use them to improve your business? No longer be perplexed! PI informs you exactly what to do and how to do it; it’s like having turn-by-turn directions for increasing engagement.

How often should a company administer an Experience Survey?

A survey should be conducted at least once every 12 months, according to the Predictive Index. In some cases, every six months could be sufficient.

What do the scores on my report mean?

Your report’s ratings are per cent favourable scores or the total percentage of respondents that agree or strongly agree on a particular item or dimension. They are, in other words, the entire percentage of an organization’s or manager’s team who are favourable about a particular item or dimension.

What is the benchmark?

The benchmark for overall organisation performance is PI’s EXP Benchmark, a metric derived from a survey sample of over 3,000 people from various industries and comprising individuals at various levels within an organisation. It acts as a benchmark for executives to see how their company as a whole compares to other companies in terms of specific areas of the employee experience. The organisation as a whole is the benchmark managers receive in their reports.

The Managers of the organisation should be most concerned with how their team feels about working at the company compared to other parts of the company; as a result, we compare them to the company as a whole.

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