Specialist Development Programmes

Scientific Specialists working in a lab

Why consider implementing the Specialist Development Programme?

Specialist Focus
Many companies have a long tradition of leadership development but no development solutions for specialists.

Structured Approach
Many organisations do not have uniform development solutions for their specialist and experts.

Role clarity / Career Pathing
A lot of managers struggle to clearly define the roles of specialists and help specialists develop further in their current jobs for further promotions as experts.

Specialist Pipeline Concept

Specialists are becoming increasingly scarce. Companies must, of course, provide specialists with the same development opportunities and career trajectories as managers in order to retain professionals. Companies can achieve this by successfully implementing the Specialist Pipeline Concept.

We assist organisations in building a very efficient structure for the continuous development of specialists and experts to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage working in close cooperation with the leading global provider of Specialist Solutions.

Who will benefit from using our approach?

The Organisation

  • Builds a systemic structure for specialist performance and deliverables
  • Improves performance of specialists in their current roles
  • Increases attraction and retention of specialists


  • Clarifies and aligns performance expectations for main specialist roles
  • Enables professional talent development at the current level based on common performance standards
  • Makes selection/deselection more objective


  • Provides an attractive career path and a real alternative to choosing the leadership track
  • Provides a clear and transparent framework for performance, development, promotion, and future growth
  • Enables specialists and leaders to switch between specialist and leadership tracks without being demoted

Some of the programmes that we offer

Specialist Trainee

The Specialist trainee Programme provides individual contributors with the skills and competencies needed to further bring value to the organisation and develop their careers as Specialists without having to pursue People Management roles.

Knowledge Expert

The Programme specifies the exact tasks and performance requirements for knowledge experts, as well as ensures that they develop the appropriate work values, time management, and skills to be successful in their roles.

Knowledge Leader

The Programme is based on a comprehensive curriculum that provides knowledge leaders with insights, resources, and hands-on training on how to properly step up and into their roles.

Knowledge Principal

The knowledge Principal transition Programme will address all three major parts of the change: work values, time management, and skills. The programmes long-term impact is due to our unique capacity to assist knowledge principals in transforming their work ideals.

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