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What are Talent Assessments and why do these matter so much?

Assessments help companies hire the best talent by weighing in on a candidate’s potential. Talent Assessments are also used to determine if an employee is right for a role and what they need to grow within the company. Talent Assessments can be used to hire and coach every role within an organisation, including managers and executives

Pre-employment Assessments can help organisations with hiring decisions and work on profiling candidates based on personality traits, cognitive abilities and relevant knowledge. A best in class talent assessment solution is scientifically validated, unbiased, time-efficient and scalable. Hiring the wrong candidate for a role can cost organisations millions of euros in lost productivity, training and turnover. The problem with traditional hiring methods is that they rely on gut feelings and subjective opinions, leading to bias and poor decision making.

The impact of Talent Assessments

When choosing the correct Talent Assessment solution, they can help:

Business owners and executives improve corporate performance and employee productivity.

Talent Acquisition and Human resource professionals enhance the quality of the talent they select and how smoothly they onboard new employees.

Project managers and team leaders assemble and retain high-performing cross-functional teams.

Direct managers find the right team members and coach them to succeed.

Employees find roles where they are ready to grow and perform to their full potential.

Talent Assessments we offer


Providing detailed insights based on the assessment taker’s natural behavioural drives


Measuring a candidate’s general mental ability and capacity for critical thinking


Removing bias and accurately identifying the behavioural and cognitive target for any role


Helping improve team cohesion and reach their collective objectives

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth… Hiring was- and still is- the most important thing we do.”

– Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

How to start using Talent Assessments

Organisations ready to maximise their success by applying cutting-edge scientific solutions are welcome to book a free demo of the assessments and the talent optimisation platform with a member of our team.

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