Team Building

Addressing team challenges

Increase team members’ self-awareness

Identify your team’s blind spots, strengths, and strategic emphasis—and then take action accordingly.

Align commons goal with the strategy

Based on behavioural data, Discover the actions needed to align your team with their intended purpose and objectives.

Resolve trust and communication issues

Improve each team member’s sense of psychological safety through increased self-awareness and the appreciation of each member’s unique behavioural characteristics.

Resolve conflicts and habitual clashes

Improve team cohesion by detecting predictable areas of divergence of opinion or ways of working with others.

How we can help build teams

Team Discovery

Compare and contrast your team’s strategic goals and behavioural style to see where they’re most equipped to achieve and where they might need to grow.

Team Workshops

Create cohesive teams that support and succeed together, even when they’re not in the same room. A talent optimisation expert leads this two-part expert.

Team Discovery Solution

Utilise the PI Team Discovery™ solution, the tool you need to maximise your team’s success. First, assess your team’s strategic goals and behavioural styles of your members to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then, help your teams determine their own needs and choose the best path for success.

PI Team Work Styles

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