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Improving Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Using a combination of the PI Employee Experience Survey™, employee experience coaching and Engagement workshops help improve employee engagement. Get in touch with us to book a personalised demonstration.

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We help identify and address 4 main forces of disengagement

Job Fit

The misalignment between someone’s natural tendencies and key job responsibilities. Managers must be aware of how jobs are changing and advise employees on how to best leverage their skills to perform to avoid this type of disengagement.


The misalignment between management style and each employee’s needs, drives, and behavioural preferences. Managers must adjust their management style to each employee’s needs, motivations, and behavioural preferences to get the most out of their influence, engagement, and productivity.

Team Members

The perception or existence of friction and isolation between team members. It’s critical for both the team and the “outlier” to be conscious of their behavioural differences and learn how to use them to the team’s benefit rather than as a source of division.


The perception is that the organisation has cultural expectations that are misaligned with its behaviours and preferences. To avoid this, leaders and managers must identify these differences and devote effort to improving employee engagement on an individual level.

Employee Experience Survey

Discover why your employees are disengaged, what you’re doing right, and what you can do to improve or sustain employee engagement.

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