Leadership Pipeline Concept

What is a Leadership Pipeline?

Leadership Pipeline is a framework developed on structured observation through over 1200 in-depth executive assessments of very successful people -contenders for CEO, CFO, Group Executive and Business General Manager.

The concept is based first on principles developed over 30 years. The Leadership Pipeline offers first principles for mapping and building an efficient and agile leadership architecture, infrastructure and operation model. The Leadership Pipeline Concept will help organizations :

  • Grow leaders across the organisation
  • Create leadership agility
  • Improve execution power
  • Increase organisational efficiency

The details of the framework are largely elaborated in The Leadership Pipeline book. Today, a significant number of Fortune 500 companies have implemented the Leadership Pipeline concept as their key architecture for selecting, assessing, and developing leaders.

Brief Introduction to the Leadership Pipeline

Learn how organizations can develop leadership at every level by identifying future leaders, assessing their potential, planning their development, and measuring their results.

Leadership Pipeline Key Principles

The Leadership Pipeline model distinguishes between the layers of leadership, allowing the firm or business to prevent leaders from operating at the incorrect level and failing to achieve all of the desired leadership outcomes. Unfortunately, few companies today are thinking about the core competencies and experiences necessary to succeed at each level. Often, companies promote people with the expectation that they have the skills to handle the job rather than the knowledge and skills to handle a particular leadership level.

It is essential to fully understand the work requirements at key leadership levels and what is necessary to make the transition from one layer to the next successfully.

80-85% of positions in many companies would have the following leadership layers:

This is accomplished by describing the essential transitions that leaders encounter while shifting from one leadership post to another in terms of work values, time application, and abilities. The Leadership Pipeline principles can also be used to set the required performance requirements for each leadership function in the company.

“It is best when leaders are grown, not imported, and the
leadership function as a whole will never grow stronger and deeper if an organisation only invests in replacement as opposed to development”

(Charan, Drotter & Noel, 2001).

Are the principles of the leadership pipeline concept universal?

The Leadership pipeline principles translate across geographical boundaries and industrial boundaries.

Over time, leaders from more than70 different countries have been exposed to the Leadership Pipeline Institute programs and through the LPI impact measurement system, they can demonstrate the same impact in all countries. Of course, leaders need to behave differently in different cultures. But their core leadership value creation remains the same. And this is what the Leadership Pipeline principles are focused on.

On the same note, the Leadership Pipeline model has helped companies with 100-200 employees prepare for their next step
and anything up to large multinationals with hundreds of thousands of employees. Any industry is represented as a user of the concept. Again, the context of leadership is different across industries, but the core leadership value creation is the same.

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