PI Cognitive Assessment

What is PI Cognitive Assessment?

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™ is a 12-minute evaluation of a person’s overall cognitive performance. The PI Cognitive Assessment™ is an important part of any recruitment process since it determines trainability for roles at all levels. It helps to speed up onboarding and an employee’s ability to handle complex business scenarios by being available in over 75 languages.

What does PI Cognitive Assessment measure?

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ was created and validated specifically for use in the workplace, and it assesses a person’s ability to learn, adapt, and understand new concepts. The PI Cognitive Assessment™ does not assess intelligence, prior knowledge (e.g., job-specific knowledge), skills, or readiness to learn new things. Rather, it reveals how quickly a person might expect to learn new information.

When compared to 30 other typical selection techniques, including but not limited to job experience, hobbies, peer evaluation, and employee interviews, researchers discovered that cognitive ability is one of the best predictors of general job performance (Schmidt & Hunter, 1988).

How does PI Cognitive Assessment work?

Assessment takers are given 50 tasks to tackle, and they have 12 minutes to complete them all. The resulting score reflects their ability to process complex information and cope with the cognitive demands of a specific job. Some examinations examine a candidate’s general mental aptitude or numerical thinking, but not both. With the PI Cognitive Assessment™, you’ll always know if a candidate has the problem-solving skills needed for the position.

Companies should set their usage and administration policies. The PI Cognitive Assessment is for candidates or current workers looking for a new post with varying requirements. For example, if the job has a modest cognitive demand, the PI Cognitive Assessment™  may not be required.

PI Cognitive Assessment Development

The PI Cognitive Assessment was developed in 2010 in response to client demand for a short cognitive ability assessment that could provide a predictor for job performance. All development work on the PI Cognitive Assessment was conducted following the best practices detailed in Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (SIOP, 2003), and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014).

In 2010, the PI Cognitive Assessment was created in response to client requests for a quick cognitive aptitude test that could predict job performance. The PI Cognitive Assessment was developed using the best standards outlined in SIOP’s Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (SIOP, 2003) and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014).

Is PI Cognitive Assessment™ is a reliable and valid assessment?

Decades of industry research show that cognitive ability predicts job performance in specific samples. More recent meta-analytic studies have shown that these findings are generalizable to most occupations, regardless of the nature of the tasks. Cognitive ability predicts job performance even better for high-complexity job roles. Validity generalization research has shown that general cognitive ability in many cases is a better predictor of job performance than job-specific aptitude tests.

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ was developed using industry standards, including domain modelling based on industry research, careful development of items by experts, and psychometric evaluation. As a result, the PI Cognitive Assessment™ shows sufficient test-retest reliability and strong internal consistency. Construct validity evidence shows strong correlations between the PI Cognitive Assessment™ and other valid, reliable measures of cognitive ability. PI has completed numerous criterion-related validity studies and has demonstrated that the PI Cognitive Assessment™ is a predictor of workplace performance and other related metrics in various roles and industries.

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