Talent Optimisation Platform

Talent Optimisation Process

Talent Optimisation is a 4 part organisational framework you can use to assist your organisation in carrying out your business strategy—and achieving optimal results.

Talent Optimisation is the discipline of aligning business strategy and talent strategy. It’s a strategic process by which organisations optimise employee performance and experience to achieve their aspirations and maximise results.

The Talent Optimisation Platform empowers leaders and HR professionals to implement the Talent Optimisation framework and its processes in their respective organisations.

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“Talent optimization is something HR leaders must prioritize, especially with limited talent pools and the reality that the skill sets of tomorrow will look different from those of today.”

– Forbes Human Resources Council, Mar 2020

Talent Optimisation Platform 4 Key Modules

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Design Teams

The design modules enable organisations to identify a team’s collective strengths and potential caution areas based on the team’s collective behavioural data.

The design module also empowers organisations to improve their team’s performance by evaluating how the team’s behavioural characteristics align with the work to be done.

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Hire Talent

The hire module allows users to assess potential candidates based on behavioural and cognitive fit. The module also allows users to create behavioural and cognitive targets using the Job Assessment.

Additionally, the system enables users to create relevant structured interview questions based on the candidate’s behavioural profile and the target profile.

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Inspire Employees

From career planning to safeguarding organizational culture, Inspire includes a wide range of employee-focused initiatives.

The Inspire Module also focuses on improving the critical interaction between employees and their direct managers.

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Diagnose Teams

The Diagnose module determines the source of gaps in performance and engagement (your underlying people issues).

The hire module also gives users the ability to benchmark those issues and suggestions on strategic or tactical changes to resolve those issues.

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