Uncovering leadership potential with the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™

Organisations often struggle to identify and nurture the untapped leadership potential hidden within their workforce. Talent underutilization can lead to challenges, including missed growth opportunities, ineffective team dynamics, and suboptimal succession planning.

The Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment™ offers a powerful solution to these problems by analysing employees’ behavioural patterns and uncovering high-potential individuals with the qualities necessary for successful leadership.

This article will explore how the PI Behavioral Assessment™ can help organisations understand employee strengths and weaknesses, identify natural leadership abilities, align leadership qualities with organisational needs, develop targeted leadership development programs, and support succession planning. By leveraging PI’s insights, organisations can create tailored development plans that enhance communication, collaboration, and overall success.

By analysing behavioural patterns, the PI Behavioral Assessment™ can identify high-potential employees who demonstrate the qualities required for leadership roles.

The following examples delve deeper into how the PI Behavioral Assessment™ specifically uncovers leadership potential:

1. Understanding employee strengths and weaknesses

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ evaluates essential behavioural traits for effective leadership, such as communication, adaptability, decision-making, and empathy. By gaining insights into each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, organisations can identify individuals with the necessary skills and characteristics to excel in leadership roles.

2. Identifying natural leadership abilities

The assessment measures an individual’s natural behavioural drives and tendencies, revealing their inherent leadership abilities. By recognizing these inherent qualities, organisations can pinpoint high-potential employees who may not have been previously considered for leadership positions. This ensures that talented individuals with leadership potential do not go unnoticed.

3. Aligning leadership qualities with organisational needs

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ helps organisations identify employees whose leadership qualities align with their needs and values. This ensures that potential leaders possess the necessary skills, mindset, and cultural fit to lead their teams effectively and contribute to the organisation’s overall success.

4. Developing targeted leadership development programmes

Organisations can create tailored development programs that enhance specific leadership qualities by uncovering an individual’s leadership potential through the PI Behavioural Assessment™. This targeted approach allows organisations to nurture and develop their high-potential employees, preparing them for future leadership roles and increasing their chances of success.

5. Supporting succession planning

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is critical in succession planning by identifying potential successors. By understanding each candidate’s behavioural traits and leadership qualities, organisations can make informed decisions regarding their future leaders, ensuring a smooth leadership transition and continued growth.

6. Individual development plans

By understanding an individual’s unique behavioural preferences, strengths, and areas for growth, organisations can create tailored development plans to help individuals reach their full potential.

By leveraging PI’s insights, organisations can create tailored development plans catering to each individual’s needs and aspirations.


In conclusion, the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is a valuable tool for organisations seeking to identify and develop hidden leadership potential within their workforce. By providing comprehensive insights into employee strengths and weaknesses, natural leadership abilities, and alignment with organisational needs, the PI Behavioral Assessment™ empowers organisations to make informed decisions on talent development and succession planning. By investing in targeted leadership development programs and individual development plans, organisations can foster a strong pipeline of future leaders, ensuring continued growth, effective team dynamics, and long-term success. Harnessing the power of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is a strategic move that can greatly contribute to an organisation’s overall competitiveness and sustainability in an ever-changing business landscape.

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