PI Job Assessment

What is PI Job Assessment?

The Predictive Index Job Assessment™ assists the organisation in identifying the most important job requirements as well as the characteristics of the ideal candidate for any position. Key stakeholders will affirm the role’s frequent and critical activities by completing a brief assessment. This information will be used by the Predictive Index programme to produce a behavioural and cognitive Job Target for each role. A set of behavioural and cognitive requirements for work is referred to as a Job Target. It is a set of criteria that can be used by a person or a team to assess a candidate’s suitability for a position. This goal can be utilised to make the hiring process go more smoothly, enhance hiring accuracy, and build a strong candidate pool.

How does the PI Job Assessment work?

The Predictive Index provides you with unrestricted access to our straightforward Job Assessment. This procedure will assist you in reviewing each employment position and identifying the underlying qualities and cognitive needs that will lead to success in that function. A single user can create the assessment, or a group of stakeholders can take it together. After you’ve provided us with all of your information, we’ll develop a job target that will help you make a fantastic hire.

We inoculate ourselves against biases by defining objective assessments of both the job and the individual. Furthermore, behavioural motivations and cognitive ability have been shown to be powerful indicators of job performance. This information is a valuable asset for both your recruitment and development initiatives.

Use the PI Job Assessment to objectively examine all of the roles in your business, including those that are currently occupied. Job targets are an important tool for coaching and employee development, and they should be used as part of your people strategy and succession planning.

Employers can now ensure that they are not only employing people but the correct people, by using The Predictive Index talent optimisation platform and the PI Job Assessment tool.

Why Job Targets are important?

Job targeting is an amazing tool for:

  • Employing people who are behaviourally and cognitively qualified for the job
  • Using input from hiring stakeholders to develop job specifications that please the entire group
  • Assuring that a new employee will fit into a department or culture
  • Identifying and analysing all-star performances in order to attract high talent
  • Time spent reading resumes, cover letters, and interviews is cut in half
  • Accessing targeted interview questions based on the candidate’s behavioural and cognitive results

Can PI Job Assessment assist in hiring?

PI talent optimisation software and Job Assessments clients can quickly match a job candidate’s behavioural drives and cognitive ability to a position’s requirements, efficiently administer behavioural and cognitive assessments, and easily reference updated behavioural profiles.

The software has a built advanced algorithm and an automated analysis of how a candidate’s behavioural drives and cognitive ability match with company-defined job targets enabling easy sorting through a candidate pipeline to find the best fits for a given role.

Predictive Index Match Score

Can PI Job Assessment be used for the development of employees?

When compared to the job benchmark, the PI talent optimisation platform automatically assesses the fits and gaps in the employee’s natural behaviour. For each behavioural aspect, these fits and gaps are then used to produce coaching questions. These questions can help managers better understand their staff development processes and identify employee strengths.

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